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Level 2 Implant Course
Level 2 Implant Course
Level 2 Implant Course Overview


Foundations of Implant Dentistry: Mastering Extractions and Grafting Techniques

Elevate your dental practice with our comprehensive implant training course, designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and hands-on experience required to excel in implant dentistry. Through a combination of lectures, practical sessions with advanced models, cadaver heads, and live surgery you'll learn every aspect of implant site preparation, from extraction techniques to bone grafting and suturing. Learn to analyze CBCT scans for accurate treatment planning, understand key surgical guidelines, and familiarize yourself with various materials and instruments used in implant site development.

On day three we will dedicate our time to live surgery where all patients are prescreened and medically cleared for scheduled surgery. You will have the opportunity to gain experience treating live patients, including extraction cases, guided bone regeneration procedures with multiple materials, PRF sticky bone preparation overview, practice flap designs, bone augmentation, and suture techniques.

Join us in this transformative course and become a confident, skilled practitioner in the ever-growing field of dental implantology.

- CEU’s: 24

Implant Education Company

Course Dates

June 26-28, 2024

  • Practice standard implant protocol on advanced models
  • Patient assessment
  • Review treatment planning including CBCT
  • Review dental anatomy and physiology
  • Understand key surgical guidelines for implant site development
  • Understand bone grafting materials, instruments, and equipment
  • Soft tissue management and flap design
  • Suturing materials and techniques
  • Post operative care and management
  • Complications
  • Gain experience treating live patients including:
    • Extraction cases
    • Guided bone regeneration procedures with multiple materials
    • PRF sticky bone preparation overview
    • Practice flap designs, bone augmentation, suture techniques
    • Implant placement


For this course, there will only be 2 options to pay for the entire course. Either 1 FULL payment, or 2 split payments (Half up front & 2nd complete payment after 30 days)

Tuition: $4,750

Participants may split the course into 2 options. Half up front & 2nd complete payment after 30 days.

Dr. Joseph Leonetti


Dr. Joe Leonetti

Implant Education Company

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