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Live Surgical Training
X-Ray of Placed Implants
X-Ray of Placed Implants

Course Description

This introduction to dental implant surgery is a 3-day course where attending dentists will have 3 days of live surgical training and 4 hours of online learning.

For the live surgical portion, dentists will treat patients in different clinical situations. Dentists will plan and treatment plan each case with the instructors for optimal patient care.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have gained a greater understanding of the necessary skills, techniques, instruments, and materials that are required for dental implant surgery. Attendees will also experience:

- Number of Days: 3
- Days of Live Surgery: 3
- Number of Attending Dentists: 4
- Number of Instructors: 2
- CEU’s: 24

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Course Dates

June 14-16th 2023

Who should attend?

U.S. licensed dentists that want to learn dental implant treatment in a live surgical setting from expert  instructors with several years of experience. Attending dentists will learn how to prepare sites for future implant placement and place multiple implants. 

Course Agenda

- Number of Days: 3
- Days of Live Surgery: 3

Pre-Course Training


  1. Single Implants and Their Restorations – From Diagnosis to Maintenance (www.for.org) – Dr. Charles Goodacre I
  2. Patient Assessment
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Treatment Options Esthetic Zone
  5. Treatment Options Posterior Zone
  6. Comprehensive Treatment Concepts
  7. Aftercare
  8. Parallel Walled Implant Placement Considerations
  9. OR Setup with Checklist
  10. Stock and Material Control with Checklist
  11. Clinical Pre-Treatment Consultation

Dr. Joe review of DTX Studio Implant Planning Software.
Dr. Joe review of Nobel Biocare Surgical Kit

Day 1

Opening Discussion and Breakfast – Dr. Joe Mehranfar 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM

Hands-On Exercise 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Dr. Joe Leonetti and Dr. Todd Erickson

  • Implant placement in plastic jaws.
  • Each attendee places implants in plastic mandible/maxilla.
  • Suturing: interrupted, horizontal mattress, running interlocking.

Discussion 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

  • Case review with planning software
  • Material / Instrument review for site prep.

Afternoon Noon to 4:30 PM – Live Surgery Dr. Joe Leonetti and Dr. Todd Erickson

  • Dentists will treat multitude of cases that may need extract / graft / sinus bump / implant placement.
  • Dentists will learn what materials and instruments are necessary for pr

Day 2 & 3

7:30 AM to 8:30 AM

Pre-surgical case discussion and treatment planning/live surgery – Dr. Joe Leonetti and Dr. Todd Erickson

8:30 AM to Last Patient

  • Live Implant Surgery
    • Cases will use 3D printed guides for the initial pilot drill when possible.
    • Dentists may experience the X-Guide® which is a 3D navigation system that delivers real time interactive guidance of drill position during surgery, giving you the ability to improve the clinical outcome.
  • Clinical case selection varies from single implants, multiple implants, and implant overdentures.


All non-Arizona U.S licensed dentists are responsible for a temporary Arizona dental license obtained through the dental board. The process may take two to three months.

Tuition: $9,750

Participants may split tuition into 4 monthly payments of $2,437.50.

Attending dentists may bring a dental assistant at no charge.

Observation: $2,000

Dentists may observe the 3-day course and not treat patients.

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