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Course Description

The "Dental Digital Workflow" course offers a comprehensive two-day journey into the world of digital dentistry. Begin your mornings with a networking breakfast, followed by an immersive introduction to the digital transformation in dentistry. Discover the impact of digitization, delve into the specifics of 3D printing, and explore a full 3D printing workflow.

Day one focuses on the technical skills necessary for high-quality intraoral scanning and understanding 3D printing, including the mechanisms, materials, and basics vital to dental workflows. It culminates with the CAD design process before a well-deserved lunch break. In the afternoon, engage in hands-on appliance fabrication, including printing, washing, post-curing, finishing, and the critical final step of patient delivery. The day ends with a session to summarize and address any questions, ensuring a comprehensive wrap-up before departure.

Day two reinforces the knowledge with a recap of the previous day's insights and pushes further into crown fabrication. Covering both full contour and implant-supported crowns, the course provides an in-depth chairside workflow. After another brief break, you will continue with the detailed aspects of crown fabrication, including CAD design and the practical elements of printing, washing, and post-curing. After lunch, the focus shifts to the finishing touches and patient delivery/cementation of crowns, guaranteeing you leave with a skill set ready to implement in your practice. The course concludes with a final summary, a question-and-answer session, and the issuance of certification, signifying your readiness to embrace digital dentistry in your clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Digital Era in Dentistry
  • Intraoral Scanning
  • Understanding 3D Printing
  • CAD Design
  • Appliance Fabrication - NightGuard
  • Crown Fabrication - full contour & implant supported
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Course Dates

August 9-10, 2024
October 18-19, 2024

Day 1

  • Registration/Breakfast
  • Introduction
  • Digital Era in Dentistry
    • Digitization Impact
    • Why 3D printing
    • A complete 3D printing workflow
  • Intraoral Scanning
    • Full arch scanning
    • Quadrant scanning
    • Knowing the acceptable scans (Good or Bad scan!)
  • Understanding 3D Printing
    • Mechanisms of printing
    • Understanding the materials
    • Basics of 3D printing
    • Dental workflows
  • CAD Design
    • Obtaining the design
  • Appliance Fabrication - NG
    • Printing – NG
    • Washing – NG
    • Post-Curing – NG

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Recap of Day 1
    • Digital Disruption
    • A complete 3D printing workflow
    • Full arch scanning
    • Basics of 3D printing
  • Crown Fabrication (Full contour & implant supported)
  • Crown Workflow - chairside
  • Break
  • Crown Fabrication (continued)
    • CAD Design - Crown
    • Printing – Crown
    • Washing – Crown
    • Post-Curing – Crown
  • Lunch
  • Crown Fabrication (continued)
    • Finishing – Crown
  • Patient Delivery/cementation – Crown
  • Summary/Q&A
  • Certification



For this course, there will only be 1 option to pay for the entire course (NO INSTALLMENTS)

Tuition: $1,750

Amir Gordji


Amir Gordji, DDS

Implant Education Company

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