Dr. Al Dovigi


Dr. Allan Dovigi graduated from the University of Toronto with his DDS in 1984.

He practiced general dentistry for 20 years in Canada.

In 2006 he completed his residency in Oral Pathology at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Dovigi moved to Phoenix Arizona, started a biopsy service (Arizona Oral Pathology), and became full-time faculty at Midwestern University’s new College of Dental Medicine as Associate Professor of Oral Pathology.

In October of 2010, he merged his biopsy service with

Oral Pathology Diagnostic Services (OPDS) based in San Diego California.


In 2012 Dr. Dovigi retired from academia to become a lab director for OPDS based in San Diego. OPDS services the US, from the Southwest to Alaska and the East Coast.


In 2017 Dr. Austin Davies became lab director and Dr. Dovigi continues to provide surgical pathology diagnostic services for OPDS.


Dr. Dovigi is an adjunct faculty member at ASU’s department of biomedical engineering and continues to deliver lectures and CE to various organizations throughout Arizona and California. Dr. Dovigi started Oralast Health & Wellness in September 2019 where he provides Oral Diagnostic and Therapeutic Clinical Services. Oralist is located in Scottsdale AZ.